Arzada's Executives

Because the Company Can't Run Itself

The Cobalt Silver reservation system is carefully developed, managed, and supported by the Arzada executive team. Arzada's executives have decades of experience in the hospitality and IT fields, which helps to ensure that Cobalt Silver is developed in a way that all operators will enjoy and approve of.

 Bill Stark --- President

Bill has over 30 years experience in the IT and software development field. During part of that time he held the title of IT Director for one of the largest hospitality companies in the United States.

Bill was also in charge of the Lake Powell Reservation Call Center for 5 years.

Bill has spent years developing hospitality reservation software and, with his extensive knowledge and background, he's the perfect person to lead Arzada and the Cobalt Silver reservation system development. He was also recently voted "Least Likely to Quadruple Bogey" by Arzada's executive team during a recent trip to the golf course.

 Kane Scott --- Chief Technology Officer (aka Ninja Technology Officer)

Kane ScottKane has over 20 years of experience installing and developing innovative strategies in Information Technologies for sites across North America. He has designed and deployed Information Systems in some of the largest convention centers and stadiums in the United States.

Kane holds a Masters of Information Systems and Bachelor of Science in Information Technologies from the University of Phoenix. He was also unanimously voted to be Arzada's "Super Ninja" after exhaustive training and tests.

 Steve Sun-Angell --- VP Sales & Marketing

Steve Sun-AngellSteve is a valuable addition to the Arzada team with his background in the hospitality industry. He has previously worked for one of the largest concessioners within the National Park Service and prior to that worked for one of the largest hospitality chains in North America.

Steve has worked for years overseeing various departments including Customer Service, Reservation Systems, and also implemented numerous Sales and Marketing initiatives. Steve was recently voted "Most Likely to Quadruple Bogey After a Birdie On the Previous Hole" (it's a long title, but one he's somewhat proud of).