Property Management System Features

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System Features and Reporting

Cobalt Silver is built with the focus on advanced features with simple processes. Because who wants to spend all day teaching their staff how to run a report or "100 steps to make a reservation"? Unless you're a corporate trainer, you want a system that includes core features that are easy to use.

Core Features

  1. Integrated Credit Card Payments
  2. Automated Cancellation Rules
  3. Multiple Rental Items on One Invoice
  4. User Group Permissions
  5. PCI Compliance
  6. Online Reservation Form
  7. Plus Many More...

Operational Reports

  1. Discounts
  2. Sales Pace
  3. Occupancy
  4. Arrivals
  5. Departures
  6. In Use
  7. Manifests
  8. Plus Many More...

Accounting Reports

  1. Daily Sales Report
  2. Daily Sales Export
  3. AR Aging
  4. AR Statement
  5. Commissions
  6. Advance Deposits
  7. Payments
  8. Plus Many More...